Downloadable Naughty Advent Calendar



'When I grow up, I will eat sweets every day, on the way to work, and I will go to bed late every night'. This quote from 'Matilda' is something all children, including your 5-year old self, can relate to. The irony is that, when you finally grow up, all those things lose their appeal.

Our Naughty Advent calendar is designed to let children experience all the joys of their dream adulthood: jump on the bed, dress up and make crazy sandwiches - one activity a day.

Please note, this is a digital product. You will need to download and print out the files yourself. The document attached consists of six banner pages (four per sheet) and six activity sheets all to be printed out on the reverse side of banners, cut out, folded and arranged on a string with pegs or washi tape. Happy advent! :)