Why should gloves be just gloves if they can double as funny muppets and brighten up grey winter days? This is exactly what Helga Stentzel, the designer of Warmsters, asked herself trying to entertain her bored son while waiting for a bus one afternoon. The thought itself was obviously not at all revolutionary - gloves with embroidered eyes and iron-on teeth have been around for quite a long time - yet Helga wanted something a little bit different. With her passion for stripes, geometrical patterns and folding, she decided to create a unique design which could be 'activated' by the person wearing the gloves and then hidden if no longer needed.

The work on the project commenced in early 2014, and after rejecting some not entirely convincing cat, cow and piggy gloves (awww, that was heart-breaking!) Helga decided to stick with monsters. Because of their playful personality and bold colours, the gloves have initially been designed with children in mind. However, the number of requests for bigger sizes has been so overwhelming that the designer decided to make a few pairs for adults. After all, aren't most of us young at heart?

Warmsters is a family-run business, and by 'family-run' we mean that Helga works on new designs and oversees manufacturing, her husband does accounting and their son takes part in numerous photoshoots. All Warmsters are carefully inspected and tagged by hand before leaving their London home in pursuit of an adventure. And judging by their cunning grins, they're up for something naughty!